How to Stop a Cat from Meowing all Night?

how to stop cat from meowing all night

Your cat is meowing all night. You wouldn’t think that some meows could be disturbing and keep you awake, but those meows are louder than one might think, especially when trying to sleep.

How to stop a cat from meowing all night is what we’re here to discuss. There are a number of possible solutions to this problem, so let’s take a look.

Resetting their Clock

Cats are naturally active at dawn, dusk, and during the night in general. This is natural, and your cat meowing during the night can be caused by any number of things. Simply put, it may just be very active during the night, more so than during the day.

A good way to prevent this from occurring is to try and reset the cat’s internal clock, which can be done with a bit of patience. Try leaving lots of toys for it during the day so it plays and burns off energy. Also try pushing the nighttime feeding back to right before bed, so it feels full and sleepy at night.

Also try doing a long play session with it during the day, to help burn off some energy. Doing all of these things will help reset the cat’s internal clock, encouraging it to be more active during the day, rather than being up all night.

Use a Night Light

Older cats that meow during the night may be suffering from a loss of vision or dementia. In other words, they are either going blind or just confused as to where they are.

An older cat meowing during the night may be distressed because it cannot see anything or feels confused.

Therefore, putting nightlights in strategic areas around the house may make the cat feel more secure, allow it see better, and thus cut back on that annoying nighttime meowing.

Try to Ignore Them

If you always go running as soon as your cat meows, they’re going to notice. Cats are not stupid, and just like with babies, if they cry during the night and you always go check on them, they realize what’s going on.

Stop running to the cat every time it meows during the night. Hopefully, using this “let them cry” method will send the message loud and clear, you won’t go running to your cat every time it makes a noise. Cats can be tyrants in this way.

Provide Food and Water

Cats that meow during the night may be hungry or thirsty. If you fed your cat in the evening, and their next meal is not until the next morning, they may get hungry or thirsty during the night. If you suspect that this is the case, first, try pushing dinner back to right before bedtime.

An alternative here is to leave a little bit of food and water for your cat during the night. This way they won’t come bother you due to nighttime hunger.

Clean the Litterbox

Cats despise having to stand in and use a dirty litterbox. The dirtier the litterbox, the less likely they are going to want to use it.

The nighttime meowing may be caused by your cat wanting to do their business, but not wanting to go in a disgusting litterbox. Ensuring that the litterbox is clean before bedtime is good way to cut down on the meowing.


Cats get lonely too. If you are gone all day at work, come home, watch tv, and go to bed, all without paying attention to your cat, chances are it’s going to want attention during the night. Spend a half hour or so playing with the cat or otherwise showing them affection.


It may take a bit of trial and error to figure out why your cat is meowing at night, so don’t lose patience and try to move through all of the tips we discussed here today. Don’t lose patience; there is a solution.

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