Why Does My Cat Attack Me and No One Else?

why does my cat attack me and no one else

Sometimes it can be hard to believe that your cat likes you. If they’re attacking you and seem to leave other family members alone, it might leave you wondering what their issue is.

Let’s be honest, cats aren’t always the easiest to understand when it comes to issues like this. However, it’s not impossible to figure out what might be wrong.

The following are a few potential causes for your cat’s behavior. As you read them, keep in mind that at least part of the cause may be that you just happen to be around your cat the most. Because of that, it can sometimes feel like they’re directing their aggression towards you.

They May Want to Play

When cats play together, they have an idea as to how rough they can be with one another. However, since we don’t have fur to protect us from bites and scratches, that level of roughness can be too much for us. Because of this, we might start to feel like we’re being attacked.

Situations like this can be a good time to help your cat blow off some steam. They may be under-stimulated and need more playtime. Giving them more exercise is often key to solving this problem.

Your Cat Might Be Afraid

In some cases, your cat may be communicating that they are afraid of something.

Animals that feel afraid can sometimes lash out, especially if they are getting the sense that they can’t escape. Fearful cats may need somewhere to hide, or just a bit of space, before they settle down.

Depending on the cat, a variety of things might make them fearful. Cats that experience loss of vision or hearing may be spooked if they suddenly notice you near them.

Meanwhile, other cats just might not be used to the presence of people.

They’re Setting Boundaries

If you watch just about any documentary about wild felines, you’ll learn that they often hold a territory. When other predators come into that territory, they may have to fight to defend their space.

Domestic cats aren’t typically quite as territorial as a lion or tiger, but they can still see their home as something that needs to be protected. In some cases, that can even mean protecting it from humans.

When this happens, it often just means the cat needs some time to get used to sharing the space with you. Most often, this kind of behavior is likely to be seen in cats that were once used to the feral life, or who are unaltered.

Redirected Aggression

Sometimes, cats just get annoyed. They may not necessarily be annoyed with you specifically, but their irritations can end up being taken out on you instead of the actual target.

What can make this hard to determine is that it can sometimes be a while before cats react to that irritation they felt earlier.

For example, if a dog visited the home earlier in the day and later left, it’s possible that the cat may experience an outburst hours after the dog is no longer there.

Issues like these can be among the most tricky to resolve.

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