Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

why does my cat bring me toys

Your cat is constantly bringing you toys. It’s fun to play with cats, as they can be very energetic and fun loving. With that being said, you may still be curious why your cat is bringing you toys. Is it all because your cat wants to play, or might there be something else behind it? Why is your cat bringing you toys?


One of the simplest explanations as to why your cat is bringing you toys is because it wants to play. Cats are quite curious and playful creatures. Whether it is because they simply like to play or because they are recreating the hunt, they may just want attention and affection.

If you don’t spend a lot of time paying attention to and playing with your cat, if it brings you toys, it probably just wants you to spend time with it. It wants to have some fun. Cats are like kids and they’re always looking for something to do.

A ‘Thank You’ – Affection

It is also assumed that a cat bringing you toys may also be due them wanting to show you affection. Cats are in fact quite social creatures and they do like to be affectionate, with the right people. If your cat is bringing you toys, it might be a sign that they really like you and enjoy your company; they are giving you a present.

On this same note, although there is of course no scientific proof of such, a cat bringing you toys may also be saying “thank you.” It could be that your cat simply appreciates the home, the love, the food, and the attention you provide it with. It’s a little way of returning the favor and showing you that they love and appreciate you.

Teaching You to Hunt

Another assumption is that cats may bring you toys in order to teach you to hunt. This can be for two reasons. First off, it is thought that cats may view humans as bad hunters.

It could be that a cat recognizes or thinks that you as the human are not able to hunt well enough, and is therefore attempting to educate you on the matter.

In this regard, it could also be that a spayed female cat, although it cannot have its own kittens, it has still not lost the instinct to teach its offspring how to hunt and survive. Seeing as there is no offspring to be had, the next best student is you.

Providing for You

Yet another reasonable explanation as to why your cat is bringing you toys is to provide for you. Now, your cat may also bring you dead animals like mice, rats, birds, and other similar creatures. If you have an indoor cat which cannot hunt for live animals, the next best alternative is a toy.

If your cat is bringing you any of these things, it may be looking to provide for you. Once again, they may assume that you are a bad hunter and are unable to provide for yourself. This is an attempt on the cat’s behalf to feed you and care for you; cats can be very caring and affectionate.

The Retrieval Instinct

Your cat may also be bringing you toys or other gifts for no other reason than because it is their instinct to do so. Cats are natural hunters, and a part of hunting is to retrieve the kill and bring it back to the home base.

If your cat feels comfortable at home and it looks at you as the alpha, its retrieval instinct may lead it to bring its bounty back to you, even if it is just a toy. Cats are built to hunt, kill, and retrieve. If your cat does bring you its kill, more often than not, it’s a sign that their hunter instincts are shining through.

Look What I Did!

The other reason why your cat may bring you toys is to show you what they can do.

A toy is not the same as a dead mouse, but if your cat cannot get outside to hunt, then a toy is going to be the next best thing. In this case, it may be your cat showing you that it is a good hunter.

It wants to show off its catch to you, to show you that it can hold its own. It’s proud of its accomplishment and it wants to do some boasting.


Of course, there is no scientific evidence to completely back up any of these explanations, but they are all reasonable. If your cat is bringing you toys, one thing that you can be sure of is that it likes you!

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