Where to Put Cat Litter Box?

where to put litter box

Having a litter box is a big drawback to having a cat, particularly if you have a small home. Litter boxes can be large, unattractive, and sometimes a source of odor. But they are necessary, and have to be put somewhere. So where is the best place to put a cat litter box?

Dos and Don’ts of Cat Litter Box Placement

While there is a lot of variety in where to put a litter box, and a lot of options depending on the size of your home, there are some general rules that you should always follow when you put a cat litter box somewhere:


  • Put it somewhere the cat can access 24/7, so don’t place a litter box behind a door that is often closed
  • Put it somewhere with some ambient light. In a very dark room with no windows, consider adding a night light


  • Put it near a cat’s food and drink
  • Put multiple litter boxes next to each other
  • Put a litter box in a far away, hard to access area, like the back of a basement or attic.

Where to Put a Cat Litter Box?

With those things in mind, there are several other things to consider when placing a cat’s litter box. Here are some things to keep in mind.


Cats feel vulnerable when using a litter box. Most cats feel a bit vulnerable when using the litter box, because their instinct tells them to avoid predators. They like to feel safe and be able to see around them when using the litter box. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide some light.

Cats also like privacy when using a litter box

Although they want to be able to see around them and watch out for predators, they also prefer a little bit of privacy. Most cats don’t want an audience any more than you do, so don’t put a litter box in an area with a lot of traffic and activity.

The litter box should be accessible

Even if a cat wants some privacy when using the litter box, that doesn’t mean putting the litter box far away from a cat’s normal activities. A cat is less likely to use the litter box if it is far away and hard to get to.

For these reasons, experts recommend the following when placing a cat litter box:

Make sure you have enough litter boxes

You should have at least one litter box per cat per floor of your home. For example, if you have two cats in a two story house, you should have two litter boxes downstairs and two litter boxes upstairs. That helps cats find and use the litter box no matter where they are spending time in the home.

Place litter boxes in the bathroom

A bathroom is a common place for a cat’s litter box, and it’s a good choice, as long as the door is (almost) always open. Bathrooms are usually fairly conveniently located, they are quiet and out of the way most of the time, and it’s easy to keep the door open a few inches for a cat. Bathrooms are also convenient for cat owners, because the floors are often easier to clean than floors in other rooms of the house, which helps control litter scattering and tracking.

Consider getting litter box furniture

Depending on the size of your home and the number and size of your litter boxes, it may be difficult to fit them into your house in an attractive way. But litter box furniture makes it easier and more attractive to keep a litter box in a guest room, bedroom, den, or other shared space.

Remember that cats have unique personalities

The truth is, no matter what cat behavior experts say, some cats simply have their own preferences and behave differently. When placing a litter box, observe your cat’s behavior for the first day or two.

Make sure they can easily access the litter box, that they seem to be using it comfortably, and that they aren’t experiencing unusual stress or behavior changes. If the cat can’t access the box, or seems reluctant to use it, you may simply have to gradually move the box (no more than a few yards at a time) until you find the sweet spot.


Figuring out where to put a cat’s litter box can take some time, as you work out the location(s) that suit your cat, your living space, and your own lifestyle. Stay flexible and pay attention to how your cat is adapting to the change, so you can arrive at the best solution for both of you.

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