5 Best Cat Trees of 2022 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Before cats began their reign over the internet, they first had to capture the hearts, and the homes, of cat lovers around the world. The purring sounds of a relaxed cat make every cat owner happy. And a healthy, playful kitty is a joyful sight that can put a smile on every face.

An indoor cat tree can be the source of both exercise and comfort for your cat. And the right cat tree will fit into your budget and your living space. But there are other considerations too. In this article, we’ll review five best cat trees on the market and explain which features to pay attention to when buying a tree for your beloved pet.

5 Best Cat Trees

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Armarkat Cat Tree Model A5201, Beige

Paws & Pals 3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post w/Hammock & Toy

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable

BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo 72 inches Tall

Best Cat Trees Reviews

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you want to give your feline friends something special, the Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree is an excellent choice. It is almost like Disneyland for cats. And yes, cats, not just a cat. The sheer size of this car tree implies that it can handle more than one cat. However, if you have enough space in your home, and you want the very best for your cat, one very special kitty can enjoy it too.

The Go Pet Club offers something for every cat out there, but this giant cat tree is one of their most popular models. It comes with everything. You get two cat condos (or cat caves, as many people call them), and three perches at different levels. There are also a total of 15 scratching posts covered in sisal rope—a material known to be almost indestructible.

Your cats will adore jumping from one level to another and hiding away in comfy condos. However, is it worth it? The build quality is pretty impressive, that’s why so many cat lovers praise it. The tree features very high-quality wood, and it’s covered in lovely beige faux fur. Beige is their most popular color, but this same model also comes in dark blue and leopard print variants.

The blue one resembles the blue and greyish tones of Russian Blue cat, and the leopard print could make your Bengal kitty, or any kitty very happy. And that’s also where Go Pet Club 72″ shines – it accommodates cats of all sizes. The baseboard is superbly stable and won’t waffle when your cat jumps on it.

The biggest challenge with this tree might be the assembly process. And only because it’s a giant cat tree and there are a lot of parts to combine. The entire thing weighs 36 lbs. when fully assembled.


  • Very sturdy
  • 15 scratching posts
  • Two spacious cat caves
  • Multiple color options
  • Dangling toys included


  • Complicated assembly

Armarkat Cat Tree Model A5201, Beige

Try imagining a cat tree that is affordable, sizeable, and has all the things a cat needs. That’s what the Cat Tree A5201 from Armarkat brings. It’s quite big, though it fits into an average-sized room. It’s going to sit happily in the corner or near the window. It’s little over 50 inches tall, and that’s more than enough height for your indoor natural climber.

At first glance, it looks like it is for one cat, and your single kitty will surely enjoy the spacious cat condo alone. However, this is a model for two cats. However, there is a weight limit to consider. It can support up to 20 pounds at a time.

So, it’s suitable for one larger cat or two medium-sized ones. Or a litter of fluffy kittens. The primary material is the pressed wood, and it features beige faux fur covers. Therefore, you know that your cat will love all the softness, and you will likely find him or her content, purring in the cat cave. But what about scratching posts?

For many cat owners, the quality of scratching posts is more important than anything else because they save their furniture. This model has a total of six scratching posts, all covered in sisal rope. The kitties will love scratching them and jumping from one level to another. And they will also enjoy the cute dangling toy. Armarkat has proven to be very reliable when it comes to the quality of their cat trees, and they’ve shown that with this model as well.

The top platform is 13 x 13 inches, and there is plenty of room for the cat to lounge around and grab some sun when the weather is beautiful. The Cat Tree A5201 is one of the best cat trees for cat owners who want something unique but are not yet ready to invest in something bigger and more expensive.


  • Great for smaller cats
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious cat condo


  • 20 lb. weight limit

Paws & Pals 3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post w/Hammock & Toy | No-Effort Assembly, Sturdy Pressed-Wood w/Vegan Fur Carpet – Pet Bed Scratch Lounge Furniture Best for Kitten & Large Kitty Cats – Tall, Beige

Cat trees make lives for indoor cats much more fun and comfortable. But not all cat owners can fit an entire cat tree in their home, especially if they live in a city. So, instead of buying a scratching post and a cat bed separately, you get both with this excellent 3-in-1 combo. You also get a little play station.

And here’s the best part – this combo scratching post is super lightweight, meaning that you can move it around quickly. If you want to move it to another room, you can pick it up with one hand (the entire thing weighs 4 lbs.) and grab the kitty with the other. Moving it around the house from time to time is likely to make your cat like it even more. You know how cats get bored of sleeping in one place for too long.

The portable scratching post with the bed could turn into your cat’s favorite plaything. And you can even bring it with you when you’re traveling. But keep in mind that it’s still just for indoor use. If you take it outside, it’s likely to get damaged. It takes a few minutes to assemble, and just as long to take it down.

The two scratching posts feature sisal rope covers, so there’s no concern that the kitty will tear them apart. It’s a reliable and durable product made to last. The pressed wood features faux beige fleece, and your cat will feel secure sleeping or resting in the hammock. And speaking of the hammock, it’s one of the best features of this model.

And when the kitty is feeling playful, it can swat its paw and play around with the little toy attached to the bed. Don’t worry; it won’t be so easy to tear the toy down, as it’s well-made and pretty resistant to scratching, slapping, and pulling. The 3-in-1 scratching post from Paws & Pals is one of the best cat trees for smaller spaces and smaller kitties.


  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfy hammock
  • Toy included


  • For smaller cats only

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable

There is nothing quite as cute or funny as watching a bunch of kitties goof around and do silly things. And if you own several cats, you know exactly how that feels. The only way that can be better if they’re doing their shenanigans in a cat tree like this multi-level wonder from Feandrea.

This beautiful cat tree caters to bigger cats, as well as homes that raise kittens or care for more than one cat at a time. You can get it in two shades of gray smoky and light. Both look like fancy medieval cat castles, full of hiding places and pathways. But, can it withstand three or four cats at the same time?

The tree has excellent anti-toppling fittings that make it very unlikely to tear apart. It’s also made from CARB-certified particle boards and has reinforcements at the bottom to make sure your kitties stay safe and comfortable. And speaking of comfort, there are three very plush perches on three different levels, so they can chase the sun and each other’s tails while they relax.

But when they feel like hiding and getting some alone time, two spacious cat caves are located in the middle of the tree. One can accommodate a single cat, and the other can comfortably fit two larger cats. The numerous scratching posts feature the best quality sisal rope that can withstand continuous scratching and will help your cats get rid of that restlessness indoor kitties often have.

And they also get a big and scratching pad that will rescue your armchair from their sharp claws. The Feandrea cat tree is one of the best cat trees your large cats could ever get, but it’s also quite big, and it weighs 60lbs. So, prepare for a longer assembly process, and once you place it somewhere, it’s probably best that it stays there.


  • Great design
  • Supports multiple cats
  • Toys included
  • Anti-toppling features
  • Two cat condos


  • Heavy

BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo 72 inches Tall Multi-Level Playpen House Kitty Activity Tree Center with Funny Toys,Multiple Colors

Do you live in a multi-cat home? If that’s the case, then you know that there’s never a dull moment. Even a sleeping cat is a fun cat. But cats love the height, and you can probably find them in all sorts of unexpected places. If you’re worried your cat will fall off the kitchen cupboard and get hurt, a tall cat tree might be the solution, especially if you consider the 72″ Cat Tower with cat condos from BestPet.

Standing at 72 inches tall and coming in three lively color options, this gorgeous cat tree will let your feline height-seekers have all the altitude they crave. However, unlike some cat trees of this size, it’s not very heavy. It weighs about 40 lbs., which means that you can move it around your home with relative ease. And the fact that it’s somewhat lightweight doesn’t take away from its stability.

One of the reasons is that the two cat condos are farther apart than it’s mostly the case with cat trees in this category. There is a whole level separating them, as well as a cat ladder that stretches between them. There is another ladder at the bottom too, and it’s an excellent way for your cats to satisfy their climbing instinct, and they also support the tower better.

Also, the tubes that support the tower are thicker and more durable than what most other manufacturers use. Your cats will love the interactive dangling cat toys, as well. They’ll help animate and activate your little felines, helping them stay fit and healthy. Specifically, the ultra-soft and plush cover is what many cat owners love about this cat tree.

You can expect your cats to nap, groom themselves, and just relax in this fabulous tree. The three tall perches will be the best spots for birdwatching in your home, and your cats will love it.


  • Very tall
  • Lightweight
  • Three color options
  • Two cat ladders
  • Cheap


  • Poor quality fabrics

Cat Trees Buyer’s Guide

Before You Buy a Cat Tree

Before you start thinking about what kind of cat tree your beloved cat would enjoy the most, you should consider three other vital factors. First, how much are you willing to spend? You can buy a scratching post for $20, but you can also buy a massive cat tree that will set you back hundreds of dollars.

Secondly, how much room do you have for it in your home? If you live in a small apartment in the city, you might want to opt for a smaller model. However, if you live in a roomy house, you can treat your kitties to a massive multi-story tree with plenty of scratching posts and several caves.

And finally, do you have or plan on having kittens in your home? A litter of kittens can create the most adorable mayhem you’ve ever seen. In that case, a cat tree is a superhero your home needs. So, for cat breeders or people who foster cats and often have entire litters of kittens, cat trees are an essential piece of equipment.

Once you have these things figured out, here are the features to consider when looking for the best cat trees for your kitties.

Cat Caves/Condos

Cat caves, or more popularly cat condos, are one of the most popular features of any cat tree. A cat cave/condo is a small but secure, dark, and comfortable place for your cat to settle in when they need some downtime.

You know how cats are prone to hiding in places like closets, laundry baskets, and yes, suitcases. Sometimes when they’re overstimulated or afraid, they enjoy the security of such places. That is why, if it’s possible, you should look for a cat tree with at least one cat condo, no matter how small or big it is.

Massive cat trees often have two condos, though some can host even more. And if it is at a higher altitude, chances are your kitty will love it even more. If a cat tree with a cave doesn’t fit into your budget, then a little hammock or a comfy bed would give your cat or cats a spot that’s just theirs.

Scratching Surface

Cat condos are an optional feature for a cat tree, but a scratching post or a pad is essential. And it’s not just about preserving what’s left of your furniture, but it’s about the cat’s health more than anything. Cats have to scratch their claws.

It’s in their nature, and an outdoor cat does it on a tree, and perhaps you don’t notice. That’s how they shed the loose layers of their claws and keep them sharp. So, no amount of teaching them not to do that will help. They also use the scratching posts for stretching and exercise so their muscles will stay in shape.

And it’s also a stress-reducing activity for them. The best cat trees have scratching surfaces with sisal rope. It’s by far the best material for professional scratching posts, and you should look for that when shopping for a cat tree.

Platform Levels

Would it surprise you to hear that cats love jumping around? No, of course not. And that’s especially the case while they’re still kittens and in their “teenage” years.

In case you want to avoid things flying off countertops, a multi-level cat tree would be a good idea. It’s a great option for a home with only one cat, but it’s almost a must for homes with several cats. The different level platforms will keep the kitties occupied for long periods.

They will play with each other, and change napping spots as they please. And if you don’t want to invest in something as big as that, you can get a scratching post with just one elevated platform. It’s enough for your cat to enjoy.


Your feline friend already has many toys, and it probably ignores most of them. But there’s the attraction of a new toy, especially if it’s attached to the cat tree. And that’s what you should probably look for a cat tree with dangling toys.

Your cat will spend hours trying to tear down a toy that is attached to a dangly, stretchy piece of rope and hanging from the tree. The best cat trees won’t let go of their toys so quickly. If the tree doesn’t have any toys, perhaps look for one that enables you to attach toys. You would want to use toys covered with durable fabric.


If you want a massive cat tree with all the fun features, this not only means spending more money but also making sure that that it won’t topple when the kitty jumps on and off it. A good question to ask the manufacturer would be how stable the tree will be when your large cat on the top perch.

The only acceptable answer would be that the tree wouldn’t budge. But that’s not the case with many companies that make the big cat trees, so you’ll need to be extra careful here. If your cat jumps and then falls the first time it tries to, the chance is that it will avoid the tree in the future.

So, look for the wooden base and anti-toppling features when possible. If the cat tree is large but too light, it probably lacks when it comes to quality and sturdiness.


Durability is an essential factor, as well. It mainly refers to the quality of the textile and the material used for the supporting tubes and scratch pads. The latter should feature sisal rope or other scratching material. Also, many manufacturers use plush vegan faux fur to pad the tree, which is incredibly soft and feels lovely to the touch.

But there are differences in quality there too, and some covers and pads will rip and tear quickly. The tree will soon lose its aesthetic appeal, and your carpet covered in not only cat hair, but the cat tree faux fur. Investigate the quality of the fabric and check what kind of material the manufacturer is using for the tubes.

One of the best options is compressed and glued cardboard. It will ensure that the cat tree has ample support and prevent it from wobbling. Generally, cat trees are like most things; you get what you pay for. But there are still some durable and beautiful cat trees at affordable prices. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for and where to look.

Cat Tree Keeps Your Cat Healthy and Happy

There are so many benefits to having a cat tree in your home. It’s healthy for your cat, it’s great for you, and your home will benefit as well. We’ve reviewed five fantastic cat tree options and decided that the best overall is the Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree.

It features wooden construction, it’s very sturdy, and it has a reasonable price. It also comes with all the fun features like toys, cat condos, numerous scratching posts, and three perches. Plus, it is available in three colors. It’s by far one of the best cat trees on the market.

The best budget option is Paws & Pals 3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post and Hammock. It’s not a cat tree per se, but it’s the closest you can get if you live in a small apartment or need something portable. It’s very well made and affordable.