Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box of 2021 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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What can be dearer to an animal lover than their little best friend? Pets become for most owners, not only their friends but family. They eat, sleep, go for a walk together, they don’t spend much time apart, but when they have to, it’s hard for both.

For a human being, an animal is part of their life, but for that precious fur baby, a human becomes its entire life, its reason for being happy.

Nevertheless, perhaps it is known that cats are the most exigent pets when it comes to hygiene, treats, and affection. Still, they know exactly how and when to brighten up your mood.

Have you ever thought about how it would be not to have to clean the litter box so often? Did you consider that your salvation might be a self-cleaning cat litter box?

Keep on reading to find out more about this product, what you need to look for, and the frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the best self-cleaning cat litter box.

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5 Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

PetSafe Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

Omega Paw Roll n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box and Anti-Tracking Mat

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews

PetSafe Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

Some cat owners might know the feeling when you have friends or family invited for dinner, and, at the exact moment everyone starts eating, your cat has to use the litter box. It is perhaps for most of you, an embarrassing moment. In order to avoid such incidents, you should try the PetSafe Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box. It is a high-quality product that surely deserves its place on your shortlist.

Product Highlights

The PetSafe Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box is an automated, self-cleaning litter which removes waste. What is more, this product can absorb both urine and dehydrated solid waste. It sounds great, right? No more dirty work for you.

You won’t have to worry about the crystals, they are dust-free, and they don’t stick on your cat’s paws. Also, the disposable trays come with a plastic lining that is a great help for you to get rid of the draining and keep your home clean and the smell fresh.

The litter box is designed to come with a tray, which can be removed and thrown everything inside away. Each tray also comes with a lid that enables quick disposal.

In this litter, sensors are installed to start the cleaning cycle after 5, 10, or 20 minutes of your cat leaving. This is an important and safe feature; you won’t have to worry about your pet getting hurt by it.

A nice feature of this self-cleaning litter is that it monitors the health of your pet. Some intelligent sensors are integrated into it and are counting how many times the cat uses the litter box.

This product helps you to spend precious time with your favorite, furry animal, instead of cleaning and maintaining a basic litter.

The Good

The litter box has good features. It has 5x odor control, is 99% dust free and will help you to maintain a clean house. It is keeping itself clean and fresh for weeks, being there wherever your cat needs it.

The Bad

This product is quite pricey for what you get.


  • The litter box is self-cleaning and maintaining itself for weeks without any worry on your side
  • This box has a smell control improved in comparison with basic litter boxes
  • The safety sensors ensure that the cleaning process happens after your furry friend is out of the box
  • It absorbs urine and is dehydrating solid waste
  • This product is 99% dust-free, and the crystals are not going to stick on your cat’s paws


  • Might not be the best budget-friendly option

Omega Paw Roll n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

Are you the type who feels like there is never enough time to do everything you have to do in 24 hours? Moreover, are you the owner of one cat, if not more, and you can’t stand to clean the litter box anymore? Is the smell awful? Omega Paw Roll n Clean is a self-cleaning litter box that may become your helper.

Product Highlights

The Omega Paw Roll n Clean is a litter box with a funny, so to say, system of cleaning. All you have to do after your cat finishes using it, is to turn it around, remove the tray and discard the mess. This litter box doesn’t need electricity; it is made of durable plastic, which makes the cleaning so easy.

It comes in two different sizes, being suitable for little kitties to big or multiple cats; you can choose between a regular size or large. This litter box will help you spend less time cleaning and will eliminate the scooping task. The Omega litter box is created with a grill that divides out the waste, directing it to the pull-out tray.

It also has a feature which controls the dust and contains any odor, so your home will remain clean and pleasant-smelling. The litter box comes at an affordable price; it does not contain any batteries or plugs and is made 100% from plastic. It might be a good solution for a busy person and also for a cat that enjoys its privacy. One aspect that has to be taken into consideration is that the litter box has to be continuously rolled and cleaned; if not, it starts to stink.

The Good

This new system seems to be an innovative and easy one. With a simple movement, the litter can remain clean until the next usage when you have to throw the mess. It is completely safe for your pet because it doesn’t require any electricity in order to work.

The Bad

An unfortunate aspect of this litter box is the cleaning part. Even though it is named “self-cleaning,” it is not exactly the case. You still have to clean the litter often, if you don’t want a bad smell to be circulating in your house.


  • Comes with an innovative system of cleaning the litter
  • The litter box is straightforward and simple to use
  • It can’t cause any harm to your pet because it doesn’t need any plugging
  • The litter box eliminates the scooping task
  • Its price is considered affordable for most people


  • The litter box still has to be cleaned quite often in order not to cause a bad smell

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Did life with a cat become harder and harder as is gets bigger and bigger? Do you feel like it is becoming overwhelming to clean every time they use the litter box? Can’t you stand the smell anymore? But the feeling of having your furry best friend is too fulfilling that it doesn’t even matter anymore.

We think all cat owners have had these thoughts at least once in their “parenting” experience. The CatGenie Self Washing and Self Flushing Cat Box can become a mini toilet for your feline friend.

Product Highlights

The CatGenie Self Washing and Self Flushing Cat Box is a litter box that washes its granules. The manufacturer guarantees that it will help you, so you won’t have to buy any other box ever again.

This product comes with one CatGenie 120-unit, one box of washable granules, and one SaniSolution Cartridge. It has a system that washes the granules with a veterinarian-approved solution after the cat uses it; the washable granules won’t need changing anymore.

This product is clumped waste, dust-, and odor-free, and it would be very accommodating for your cat. The cat area will always remain clean after the CatGenie washes, scours, scrubs, and purifies the granules, transforming the litter into want that which appears to have never been used.

The Good

A significant advantage of this litter box might be the fact that it washes the granules and keeps the bad smell and any dust away.

Not only does it wash, but it also dries and heats too. The litter box is equipped with a dryer that keeps the granules dry and warm, ready for the next use. It should be placed near to a drain pipe — in the bathroom or laundry room — in order for the waste to be eliminated in the toilet or the drain pipe. The litter box can be programmed to run automatically when pressing a button or when the cat leaves the box.

The Bad

A big disadvantage might be the fact that it can’t be placed anywhere in the house you want; it has to be settled near a drain pipe.


  • It might become the last litter box you’ll ever buy
  • The box contains washable granules which don’t require to be replaced
  • It has three options to start cleaning for customizability
  • It scoops, washes and dries itself with not a single movement by your side


  • You can place it only in the laundry room or bathroom

ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box and Anti-Tracking Mat

If you are looking to buy a new self-cleaning box for your pet, this might be the right choice. It comes fully packed with features that will certainly make your life easier. From the self-cleaning system to the crystals that absorb odor, this product might be exactly what you need.

Product Highlights

The PetSafe ScoopFree is a litter box that has a system of self-cleaning with no scooping, cleaning, or refiling for weeks. The crystal litter absorbs urine much better and has an improved odor control in comparison with previous litter types. 

It requires low maintenance. Are you a busy person? No worries, the PetSafe litter box will take care of your little friend. It has a heat-based sensor system that detects when your cat finishes its duty and waits 20 minutes in order not to scare and frighten your cat for the next time it uses it.

The only thing you need to do is to throw away the disposable tray after the cleaning process. You can pair the litter box with the ScoopFree Anti-Tracking Litter Mat that is sold separately.

The Good

The manufacturer really thought about the sound that an electric litter box might cause. For that reason, this product has a safety sensor installed that waits until the cat has gone away from the litter box, which avoids noise when your cat is in the box which may cause anxiety. It does its own cleaning after you plug it in or when the timer is set.

The Bad

This litter box requires throwing away the disposable tray at least once a month, and it can become a little too expensive for some.


  • The heating sensor won’t scare your cat while using the litter
  • It is self-cleaning, all the effort you have to do is throw away the disposable tray, once in a couple of weeks
  • The litter box has an improved odor control to keep smells locked away
  • It will save you a lot of time because it does not require scooping or cleaning for a while


  • The disposable trays and crystals can be quite pricey for some

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

No time to clean after your pet because you have such a busy schedule? Pet Zone Smart Scoop is a hands-free litter box that does the hard and dirty work for you. It also helps you to keep your cat happy.

Product Highlights

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop is an entirely innovative, self-cleaning litter box, which has mess and odor control, being equipped with carbon zeolite technology.

It is convenient, cost-effective, and easy to clean. This product doesn’t require monthly costs in maintenance and supplies like crystals. It is an eco-friendly helper that reduces waste. It can be cleaned with any pet-friendly solutions or soap and water.

The litter box is four times quieter in comparison with other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, and it won’t scare you or your cat with any unnecessary noise.

The product is created in a variety of colors to complement your décor; and also has a great value.

The Good

This litter box is an eco-friendly product, and you won’t have to waste money on certain supplies and specialized cleaning solutions. It’s four times quicker and quieter and might become your cat’s little helper.

The Bad

The price might be quite high compared to similar models on the market.


  • The litter is fully technologized, equipped with sensors and cleaning systems
  • Over four times quieter operation than another leading brand
  • High enough to keep the clumps inside the pan when cat scratches in litter
  • It is made of strong metal and provides superior performance


  • High price tag for some people

Buyer’s Guide

It’s always an important thing for an animal owner to purchase pet-friendly objects and supplies. It’s so disappointing when you spend a lot of money on something that you consider suitable for your little friend and when you arrive home it turns to be the opposite.

There are some main factors you have to consider before you want to buy a self-cleaning litter, especially an automatic one.


First, the size should be suitable for the space where you want to place it. Consider buying a small litter box that can be placed easily into a corner without the risk of someone tripping over it and getting hurt.

Second, when deciding on the size you are about to buy, take into consideration the size of your cat. For a little pet, you won’t have to worry about the fact that it might not fit, but if you own a big cat, you might have to buy a larger litter box. A larger cat requires more space to move.

Closed or Open Housing

If you would prefer to buy a closed litter box, there are some issues you have to think about first. The smell is going to be more persistent in an enclosed box compared with an open one.

The open box has more advantages, but if you think that privacy is more suitable for your pet, you perhaps have to choose the closed litter box.

Height of the Sides

When you do not know what height of sides might be suitable for your cat, again, you have to think about it. If it’s a mature cat, the sides should be as high as possible, but if you have a small or old cat, low sides are the best option for making the entry and exit to be more accessible.


Proper ventilation is vital for a litter box and for the elimination of any foul odor that may exist. In addition, you can install a filtration system to make sure the toxic elements do not come in contact with your pet.

Type of Cleaning

For a litter box, there are three types of cleaning: basic cleaning, automatic self-cleaning, and the type which do not require any human effort.

Based on your time and preferences, you can choose the best one for you.


If it matches your home is also an important aspect for cat owners who have to purchase a litter box. In most cases, this type of product comes in a variety of colors and models.


There are many litter boxes on the market, covering a wide range of prices. There will be one with the needed features, that also fits your wallet as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of litter box should I get?

Before buying a litter box for your pet friend, think about their aspects, namely their age, yours and their needs. It should be easy for them to use, easy for you to clean, and make them feel comfortable when using it.

What if I own multiple cats?

For multiple cats, doctors recommend multiple litter boxes, so make sure that each has their own separate box.

What cleaning routine should I follow?

When it comes to your pet’s health, you have to be very careful. They can develop illnesses because of the dirt. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you scoop the dirt every time the cat uses the litter box, or every morning and evening. The box should be entirely cleaned at least once a month.

What is the best location to place a cat litter box?

The perfect spot for the litter box to be placed is one in which your cat has the privacy needed. Whether it’s the bathroom, the hall, the laundry room, make sure that your pet feels comfortable.

How do I help my cat get used to their new fancy toilet?

The familiarization process might be a hard one, and it might take a while. First, if you purchased an automatic litter box, try not to turn it on until the cat gets used to it. Then, when you turn it on, watch their reaction. It should be either terror or curiosity.

How do I teach my new kitten to use an automatic litter box?

To teach a cat to use an automatic litter box might be easier when it is smaller. The only thing you have to do is to show it where the litter box is and to make the cat feel as comfortable as possible. They do not like to get caught while doing their business, so make sure they have the privacy needed.

We recommend you read the reviews above in order to have a clearer vision before buying a new litter box.


Making sure that your kitty is happy and feels protected and cared for might be the main thing for any cat owner. Its happiness perhaps depends on more factors like if it has enough affection, attention, and if it has its own private space. This space includes its litter box.

As a recommendation, we would suggest the Pet Zone Smart Scoop litter box, because it does not require pricey maintenance. It can be cleaned easily with pet-friendly solutions. And it does not make unnecessary noise for your easy-to-scare friend. It is designed in a variety of colors so it will fit in anywhere in your home.