How Many Cat Trees Do I Need?

how many cat trees do i need

Most people can generally agree that preparing to own pets is no small undertaking. Not only do you have to make sure that you have all of the toys, treats, puzzles, and fun supplies for the animals, you are going to want to make sure that you invest in the important items as well. This includes food, nutritional treats, and occasionally fixtures that will provide more function than play for your new feline friends.

For instance, cats have a need to scratch on things. This is why when cats do not have an adequate scratching source that is provided to them, they have a tendency to go after other objects that people don’t want to have destroyed in their own home. Cats have a habit of going after custom-carved furniture, couches, sofas, and even drywall when they do not have an appropriate scratching surface. With that being said, there are some ways that you can prevent a cat from scratching up a surface that cannot be touched, so that the cats can get their instinctual needs out as necessary.

Why Do Cats Need a Scratching Post?

To understand why your cat needs to have the right cat tree and why having the right number of cat trees is important, you first have to understand what exactly a cat tree can do for a cat. For many cats out there, the cat tree is more than just a simple place to sleep on a perch. For many cats, the “trunk” of a cat tree is going to be much more than simply supporting the entire tree. Cat trees may have been named after cats, but they have a much more important focus in history.

Without this necessary scratching surface on the cat tree, cats would have a much harder time distinguishing other, more appealing surfaces for them to scratch their claws on. There are many, many different types of surfaces that cats will use when they are not presented with a good and adequate material for them to scratch their claws on, which will only lead to torn furniture, walls, and clothes that nobody wants to deal with. In addition to this, cats do not just use their claws for the sake of clawing down everything that you hold near and dear. Cats also tend to use their claws to mark their territory, as many cats have scent glands in their paws. While this applies less to modern household cats, it does mean that if you have a more dominant cat and you only have one small cat tree for that cat to sit on, there are going to be some fights among them.

By choosing to put your money toward purchasing one or two cat trees, you can make sure that you aren’t going to run the risk of walking into scratched, marred, and scarred walls or sofas in your house again. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that your cat is going to have the absolute perfect surface to rub its claws on and to stretch itself out on. Usually, people will have a tendency to purchase one large cat tree that will end up being the corner piece to one of the rooms, allowing for the cat to get both the attention that it desires as well as the ability to be able to watch everything and anything that goes on. Once this large purchase is out of the way, most people will buy one or two smaller, less expensive cat trees. Usually, these smaller cat trees will consist of one, maybe two stories in height and some of them will have nice and soft padding on the “floor” to create the perfect area for sleeping. Being able to have multiple trees will allow your cats to claim whichever ones they want to be able to operate.

Now that you understand a little bit more about why cat trees and subsequently scratching posts are so important for cats, you will be able to put some more thought into how you would go about determining how many cat trees would be too much or too little for a family to own.

The Significance of Cat Trees

In the world of cats, where you are the person who is providing for everything and everyone, even the smallest and most meaningless additions to the world can mean everything for your cat. This is especially the case in multi-cat households, where dominant personalities might run the entire “clan” of cats in your household. A cat who has a dominant personality might try and hog the entire cat tree to itself, not allowing the more submissive or non-confrontational cats to use it. This can lead to territorial feuds, which is something that no cat owner wants to deal with. Nobody wants to referee a fight between their own cats, especially when the solution is going to be as easy as making sure that all of the cats have their own cat tree to claim as their own.

In another sense, cat trees are something that is familiar to cats based on instinct alone. More often than not, the shape of the cat tree will enhance a cat’s ambition and energy to climb to the top of the stairs. Cat trees are also incredibly popular among cats, as they can allow cats to look down on everyone and everything around them, which is something that many cats enjoy having the opportunity to do. These are just some of the reasons why cat trees are going to be a good addition to your feline home, and there are some of those perches where cats sit and would be able to look down on the world around them. If you are planning on getting multiple cats, one of the best things that you can do for them is to make sure that you invest in the right number of cat trees so that they do not fight over them.

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