How to Dispose of Cat Poop?

how to dispose cat poop

If you have an indoor cat, one of the worst parts is having to dispose of their poop. Sure, indoor cats are great for many reasons, but this issue of waste disposal is one that won’t just go away.

You might think that just like with your own waste, flushing the cat poop down a toilet is the logical way to go. However, the cat poop, especially the kitty litter, will end up clogging your toilet at some point.

Disposing of Cat Poop: 3 Options

There are three options for disposing of cat poop, so let’s take a look at each of them.

  • Bag the litter and poo, throw it all in the trash
  • Bury the poo
  • Compost the litter and bag the poo

Bag the Litter and Poop — Trash it

The first option for cat poop disposal, the one which most people go with, is to simply throw it in the trash along with everything else. Most people will scoop up the cat poop and bag it in a trash bag, and then throw it in the trash.

There is no denying that cat poop smells quite strongly, so if need be, you can always double bag the waste before putting it in the trash. If you have access to an outside trash bin or even a dumpster, it’s recommended to take advantage of them, rather than putting the bagged cat poop in the garbage under your sink.

Putting cat poop inside an indoor garbage bin may create some odor issues. You can choose to scoop out the cat poop and dispose of it this way, or if the litter has seen better days, you can scoop out the kitty litter along with the cat poop, bag it all up in one go, and throw the whole thing in the trash. You should aim to use biodegradable trash bags to lessen the impact on the environment.

Bury the Poop

If you live in an apartment or a very small house, you may not have the liberty of a large outdoor space where you can bury things. However, if you do have a house with a large yard, or you even live out in the country, then burying the poop is an option.

In fact, if you have somewhere to bury it, a good spot that is a bit off the beaten path, then burying the waste might just be the best option. Burying cat poop eco-friendlier than wrapping in in plastic bags and sending it off to landfills.

If you plan on doing this, dig a hole that’s at least 2 to 3 feet deep, scoop up the cat poop, and throw it down the hole. You can always put some dirt on the poop afterwards. You can also choose to make some kind of makeshift cover for the hole.

On a side note, be sure that if you plan on burying the litter along with the cat poop, that the litter is biodegradable because not all kitty litter is biodegradable. Once the hole starts to fill up, top it off with a few inches of dirt and start over in a new location.

However, if you have a dog or dogs that like to dig, you may want to avoid this method. A dog digging in a hole filled with kitty litter and cat poop is going to create a large cleanup job.

Compost the Litter and Bag the Poo

The other option for cat poop disposal is to compost the litter while throwing the poop out. Just like with the burial method, you need to have a fairly large outdoor space, or just an outdoor compost heap at the very least.

If you plan on using this method, you will also need to make sure that the kitty litter you have is biodegradable. Kitty litter which is not biodegradable should not be composted, as it will not decompose over time. You will want to scoop the poop out, double-bag it in trash bags, and the throw the poop in the trash bin.

The reason for this is because cat poop can carry parasites and diseases which should not be present in a composting bin. A compost bin with lots of cat poop in it won’t compost properly, so this needs to be avoided.


Keep in mind that the more often you clean out that litter box, the less your home is going to smell like cat poop. Whatever cat poop disposal method you go with, be diligent with your cleanup duties. This is not something you want to let pile up for a few days, let alone a whole week.

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