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How to Stop a Cat From Peeing on the Floor?

how to stop cat from peeing on the floor

It can be quite troubling when your cat pees on the floor. This is especially true if it starts to become a regular habit.

Before you get angry with your cat, take some time to consider the reasons they may be acting out or otherwise unwilling to use the box. Most often, our kitties want us to know that something isn’t right, whether it’s related to their physical health, stress levels, or the litter box itself.

Keep reading, and you’ll learn a few of the top reasons cats may pee on the floor rather than inside their litter box.

Consider Your Cat’s Health

Cats don’t act out without a reason. If your cat normally uses the litter box just fine and then begins peeing outside of it, something could be wrong.

That could mean that your cat is suffering with a urinary tract infection, or something worse. This can also be the case when a cat has long-term problems with using the litter box.

Before you get frustrated or angry with your cat, consider the idea that they might be trying to tell you something is wrong. Make sure they get a good checkup and that you talk to your vet about the issue to resolve any health problems they may be having.

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Think About Their Behavior

If your cat’s physical health isn’t what’s causing the problem, it’s time to take a look at their behavior. For example, telling the difference between peeing and spraying is important.

Do you have a cat that hasn’t been spayed or neutered? If so, there are a number of reasons why it’s important to get them fixed. Not only does the act improve their health, but their behavior as well.

Please note that both male and female cats can spray. Likewise, getting them fixed will typically resolve the problem regardless of the cat’s gender.

Try to Reduce Stress

Has anything recently changed in your home? Did the litter box get moved? Was a new family member or pet added to the home?

Things like this can bring stress to a cat, resulting in behaviors they wouldn’t normally have.

If your cat has been experiencing added stress, it can take time for them to adapt to new changes. Help them by keeping things around the house mellow and by giving slow introductions to any new pets you may bring in.

Take a Look at the Litter Box

Another issue that might cause a cat to pee on the floor is the litter box, or the litter inside it.

If you have just one litter box and multiple cats, it can create a problem for proper litter box use. The same can be true if the cat doesn’t like the litter box, the litter, or the location of the box.

Often, humans can try to place litter boxes in places that are more hidden. While this might make us more comfortable, it doesn’t do the same for our cats. Try using just a simple litter box somewhere that is easily accessible.

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