Why Does My Cat Pee Everywhere?

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why does my cat pee everywhere

We all know that cat pee smells bad. If your cat pees in its litterbox, the smell can be controlled through various methods, particularly antimicrobial and scented litter.

However, what happens when your cat does not pee in the litterbox? It’s a problem, a nasty, smelly, and messy problem. So, why does my cat pee everywhere?

Marking It’s Territory

One of the main reasons why your cat might be peeing on everything is to mark its territory. Yes, cats are predators and they are territorial, and this means that they will mark their territory.

This is most often done by urinating on surfaces to tell other cats and animals that “this is my yard,” but cats may also defecate to get this point across.

For the most part, only unneutered male cats and female cats that have not been spayed do this. Once cats are spayed or neutered, they usually lose the urge to mark their territory.

Medical Issues

Another reason why your cat may be peeing everywhere is due to a variety of medical and health issues. Diabetes, kidney or liver disease, and urinary tract infections may all cause a cat to urinate much more frequently and with more urgency.

A cat with a serious medical condition may feel an extreme urge to pee, which means that they might not make it to the litterbox. Some of these conditions may also cause a cat to lose control of its bladder.


Cats can suffer from stress and anxiety due to a number of issues including bad health, bad owners, bad living conditions, and living with animals which they don’t get along with.

It is said that the smell of a cat’s own urine can be very comforting. Therefore, if your cat is stressed out and urinates everywhere, it could very well be an effort to make itself feel more comfortable, which may or may not be subconscious.

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An Unclean or Hard-to-Reach Litterbox

Cats are quite picky with where they urinate. Medical issues, stress, and marking territory aside, cats absolutely hate stepping into a litterbox that is unclean.

Of course, some cats are more finnicky than others, but in general, cats do not enjoy using an unsanitary litterbox. If their litterbox is dirty and you don’t clean it often, chances are likely that your cat will find a cleaner location to do their business.

This may also be the case if you have the litterbox in a location where it is not easy to access. Simply put, your cat might just not like where you have placed the litterbox.

Multiple Cats

Something else that may cause a cat to pee and to defecate everywhere but the litterbox is if you have multiple cats.

Just like cats are picky with how clean the litterbox is and where it is located, they also don’t particularly enjoy using the same facilities with other cats.

If you have 2 cats in your home, chances are that they don’t want to do their business in the same litterbox.

The Type of Litter

Yes, cats are picky, and they might just not like the type of litter in the litterbox. Maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s the texture, or maybe it’s the way it looks. Some cats prefer this litter and some that litter.


Unfortunately, if your cat is peeing everywhere, seeing as there are so many possible causes, solving this issue is more or less a matter of trial and error. Keep the litterbox clean, switch the type of litter, change the box’s location, and do everything else we have recommended today in order to remedy this situation.

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